Melissa Maniglia

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Toast to Friendship

A good friend is a sounding board for you when life sends you a speed bump that slows you down and even more so when a wrecking ball decides to give you a window to the outside world where you previously had a enclosed apartment.

(But, hey, we need more natural light, right?!?)

They help save you from doing something stupid OR are there in the cop car with you going "Damn, that was fun!"

They know you through the ages, through trials, tribulations and headaches. Through first loves and their break up. Through fashion disasters that only a true friend will state the magnitude of to your face. Through children, long absences and recessions. Through Sci Fi & Chick Flicks. Through Peanut allergies and emergency room visits. Through mood swings and PMS (No, boys, they are not one in the same). Through everything, they are there.

We are truly blessed if we find one person like this.  Overwhelmed with riches if we find two.  And kidding ourselves if we think we have three.

So, in dealing with life, love & what I wore (yep, I "borrowed" that one!), I say thank you to those who have stuck by.  I am truly grateful and blessed to have you in my life.


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  1. truly well said. And something that needs to be said more often to those few close people who transcend friend and family.