Melissa Maniglia

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Geeze, its been a crazy December.

I'm really blessed to work in NY Theatre, even if its Front of House instead of onstage (Patience... Patience), but MAN December is CRAZY!

Sold out houses, energized and sugar infused tourists, and work.

Work, Work, Work!

Sometimes, .... Ok, Every December, I miss the Holiday of my childhood. Christmas break, cookies, tree trimming, more cookies, and the ability to actually enjoy the aura of the holiday season.

Working on Broadway during December means very little of the above. Actually, I don't think I've had a cookie this season (Nicole, where is your care package?!?!? Dumb USPS!!).  I was blessed for the first time in 4 years to visit my family for Christmas Eve AND Christmas day (till 10AM at least) and enjoyed the stab of nostalgia that 31 hours can provide (That and our annual game of "Twilight - Scene It" with my (now) brother-in-law & younger sisters... Why isn't it "Clue?!?").

But, sadly, in this craziness, I've been slightly derailed.

Nothing permanent. Just the pause button for a really good movie.

So, now that Broadway is in it's inevitable slow down till March/April, its ME TIME! Time to get back in the swing of things. Time to focus on what I want. Time to be true to myself.

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. I believe in goals and attainable challenges.

So, I'm setting some for myself.  I'll keep you posted. ;-)

Here's to to Success and Prosperity in the new year.

We all deserve it.


  1. Mimi, is our twilight scene it actually an annual thing now? WOOT. lets play glee next time?

  2. There's a "Glee" Scene-It?!? Oh, my!