Melissa Maniglia

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking Back/Looking Forward


And the crazy thing is, its only November!

Jobs have come and gone. Classes have come and gone. Sadly, even friends, have come and gone.

I've moved. I've created my blog and website. I've auditioned and received a multitude of results. I've traveled. I've studied. I've met new people.  I've gained TONS of new experiences and grown from them. And the possibilities are just getting better!

I've even lost weight (oh HAZAH!)!

I know this list will just grow by the end of this year. I simply can't think of EVERYTHING that has happened this year. Its been crazy/insane/amazing!

Even as early as November, I can tell you that I am not the same person I was last year.

Thank you, God, for that!

(To Be Continued! ;-) )

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