Melissa Maniglia

Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Minutes to Blog

Rather ashamed of myself; Haven't blogged since JULY!!! I've grown a year older, switched jobs, traveled and I still haven't put it in writing.


Much to mull over. Much explored. Much to tell.

But, alas, it must wait till later. Must get ready for work.  And get more coffee in my veins. Coffee is key to happiness. Coffee is key to productivity. Coffee is my friend...

Well, as long as it isn't three am in the morning.

That's another story.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer in the City

New York City could never be considered dull. This is doubly true during the summer months when every single individual pounding the pavement has a bit more spring in their step and a lot less gravel in their brain. Sidewalk cafe's come alive, dogs are friendlier, and, as long as you stay out of Times Square, tourists are far less annoying.

So much to do, so much more to see!

This summer I am planning some side trips/days/experiences that might be a subway/train/or car trip away. First stop, The Pompey Exhibit at Discovery Times Square. Though its not a traditional, outside adventure, it is air conditioned and I can pretend that I'm in Italy. And, seriously, for the price of a metro card, who can beat that?!? No passport required!

Should you go? Should you stay? I'll let you know!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

Well, its not LA. Or so I'm told. But still, the amount of plastic surgery in NYC is rather astonishing. Know what's even worse?

The amount of BAD plastic surgery.

Women, and men for that matter, do not go under the knife to come out of anesthesia looking worse than they did when they went under. But many end up deformed phantoms of their former selves. Of course your forehead is smoother, but did you see what it did to your eyes? Or how about the bad nose job and cheek combo which, other than the dress you are wearing with the obsessive amounts of bling on your finger, made me wonder whether I should say "Ma'm" or "Sir."



Don't worry about the wrinkles, you earned them! They all tell a story and your only concern should be that it was a good one! Just don't attack who you are.  Its sad that people are unable to see the unique beauty that they are before they are hacked at like the leg of lamb in a gyro shop.

And that's my two cents!