Melissa Maniglia

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Toast to Friendship

A good friend is a sounding board for you when life sends you a speed bump that slows you down and even more so when a wrecking ball decides to give you a window to the outside world where you previously had a enclosed apartment.

(But, hey, we need more natural light, right?!?)

They help save you from doing something stupid OR are there in the cop car with you going "Damn, that was fun!"

They know you through the ages, through trials, tribulations and headaches. Through first loves and their break up. Through fashion disasters that only a true friend will state the magnitude of to your face. Through children, long absences and recessions. Through Sci Fi & Chick Flicks. Through Peanut allergies and emergency room visits. Through mood swings and PMS (No, boys, they are not one in the same). Through everything, they are there.

We are truly blessed if we find one person like this.  Overwhelmed with riches if we find two.  And kidding ourselves if we think we have three.

So, in dealing with life, love & what I wore (yep, I "borrowed" that one!), I say thank you to those who have stuck by.  I am truly grateful and blessed to have you in my life.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Justifying the Struggle

Very often someone will make the statement "Your smart and educated. Get a real job and make money!" 

Oh, this is the economic climate to answer that one! 

Every day, even as we slowly move out of the long lasting and painful recession, we are faced with more people than ever losing not only their jobs but the financial security they struggled so hard to obtain for themselves and their family. In one moment, people are wiped clean of savings, investments, careers, and security.  

If their stories aren't the perfect economic lesson as to why I should trudge forth and pursue my dreams, then I don't know if there is one. 

In a way, by not experiencing economic wealth as an adult, I am blessed with the perfect spring board to move forward. Since my standard of living is low, it can only get better.  I do not have to worry as much about maintaining a style of living/a family since I can easily replace my current income with any number of low paying but readily available jobs.  

I do dream of the day when I have my own home, my own car, have a family, and a weekend that will be entirely mine (just maybe not in that order ;-) ). But I am willing to wait until my career is has gained more stability to pursue those ends. 

Ironically, these dark economic times are the perfect justification to following your dreams. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Its the Soundtrack of Your Life

Anyone have a soundtrack to their life, be it what you blare as you work on submissions, calm down after a crazy day, or are pumping yourself with confidence on the way to an audition? Oh, I know I do!

Here are just a few of the songs that can be heard blaring on my playlist at any given moment:

Submission Productivity:
Pumping for a Audition:
Letting Loose After A Long Day/More Submission Productivity:
After One of THOSE Days:
Dealing with Men: 

 This week's theme has definitely been the man himself, Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."  But then again, when isn't that song appropriate?!?

M ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking Back/Looking Forward


And the crazy thing is, its only November!

Jobs have come and gone. Classes have come and gone. Sadly, even friends, have come and gone.

I've moved. I've created my blog and website. I've auditioned and received a multitude of results. I've traveled. I've studied. I've met new people.  I've gained TONS of new experiences and grown from them. And the possibilities are just getting better!

I've even lost weight (oh HAZAH!)!

I know this list will just grow by the end of this year. I simply can't think of EVERYTHING that has happened this year. Its been crazy/insane/amazing!

Even as early as November, I can tell you that I am not the same person I was last year.

Thank you, God, for that!

(To Be Continued! ;-) )

Secret Agent Man

Has anyone read the Backstage columns by "Secret Agent Man?" 

Its nice to have a concise, real perspective on what a agent really thinks when your in the room.  Too often we, as actors, walk into a meeting with our list of recycled questions hoping that we will connect on some basic level and get to work with the person.  The agent sits there, smile plastered across their face, nodding while you perform.  They say "Good Job" and "Keep in Touch" and send you on your way.  Sometimes you work with them, sometimes you don't. 

What I like about this column is that "Secret Agent Man" actually lets you into the head of the agent faced with desperate and hungry actors who I think, deep down, need industry validation of their chosen path. 

If any of you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It's my favorite column out there.