Melissa Maniglia

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cheap & Healthy Eats in NYC - Your thoughts?!?

So, when I first conceived this blog, I wanted it to be a place where I not only shared my experiences and thoughts on this business, but where my fellow actors and I could engage in a dialogue on the business, living in NYC, and anything else that came to mind. So, here is my first discussion topic: Cheap & Healthy Eats in NYC

So, Cheap & Healthy Eats in NYC could be a bit of a oxymoron, but I have a funny feeling I'm not the only actor asking themselves that question. Apples, Bananas and Deli salads work for awhile, but can get boring after the umpteenth day. Where can we go, in a city that is overpriced to begin with, to grab a healthy and affordable bite to eat before the next class/audition/gig. We have two categories: Under $10 and Under $5. Once I get enough responses, I will create a separate page on my blog for us to reference and keep updating as we discover new places.

I hungrily await your responses!

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  1. Zoomed - in on your pic. You've got the look, alright. Guessing you've gotten well on your way to theatrical success, since 2010 (it's now 2015).