Melissa Maniglia

Friday, June 17, 2011

When Did I Become an Antique?

So, for some strange reason my friends are posting all of these nostalgic pictures on Facebook of us doing all of the wacky things kids did during their teenage years.  They are fabulous pictures bringing back wonderful memories. BUT....

When did our pictures start looking SO OLD?!?

I mean, look at them!! Really?!? With a megapixel of 0.0 these are grainy as grainy can be, scanned into our computers via a flatbed scanner because this was before the age of pictures on disc, card, or the internet. They can't even be called cool and vintage like the pictures of our grandparents.

All we need is a round of Oregon Trail... Oh, wait, I have that on my iTouch right now...

I don't feel old, but these pictures make me look like an antique!


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  1. Let's blame technology. The better it gets the older it makes us look. Lol.