Melissa Maniglia

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Theatre Mystic

You know, sometimes I forget how lucky I am.

What am I doing right now? Sitting in the empty house of a Broadway theatre and simply breathing in the life of it.

A theatre is truly a living, breathing being, made up of many different organisms that give it life and energy. This energy draws us towards it. We want to be there. We want to see what it's doing, what it's creating, how it is living.

As I sit in the empty house, I hear the sounds of the associate music director practicing a classical composition in the lower lobby. Simultaneously, I watch as an actor casually taps one of his own creations out on the stage piano. These dueling melody's are uninterrupted by the production stage manager checking out the house. All the while, patrons discuss which tickets to purchase for tonight's show in the outer lobby to the fugue of car horns on 44th Street. The cooling system hums in the background while the theatre mouse squeaks behind me. And here I am, creating my own little buzz, typing away on my keyboard.

Theatre has a mystic to it and sitting in the empty house, I feel it. Its not just the show patrons come to see, but the being that is "Theatre."

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