Melissa Maniglia

Monday, February 8, 2010

Because there is Beauty in the Struggle

When I first told my friends and family I was starting "Struggling Actress Blog," I was greeted with a wide variety of responses.


"That's nice..."

"What's a Blog?"

"WHAT?!? NO! That's a horrible name! You don't want to be struggling forever!"

Well, I kinda expected the first three but was floored by the last one. After my friend and I discussed her viewpoint, I can see where someone might misconstrue my meaning.

So, please, let me explain:

When looking up the word "Struggling" on, there are 9 definitions. For me, the 9th and final one describes my meaning. "A task or goal requiring much effort to accomplish or achieve."

No matter where you are at in your career, you are always setting goals for yourself. Whether it is to book your first job, get the series regular role, or only accept roles that challenge you artistically, you are always working towards that next goal, that next achievement. Even those in the A list category are still working towards goals (or at least I assume so; not quite there myself yet!) And, well, “Goal Making Actress Blog" is just not as catchy for a web page! So, since I have learned to find the beauty in the struggle (at least on most days), I decided on "Struggling Actress Blog" for my blog name.

Now I am starting this blog to document my effort, or lack there of, to achieve my artistic and personal goals. They always say "It takes a village." Well, I have found that to be a true, yet annoying, statement. SO, my dear internet village, help keep me on track! :)


  1. Found your blog through twitter - congrats on creating it... I can't wait to see the many fruits of your struggle!

  2. Thank you, Kalynn! I saw your blog as well and it looks great! BTW: Congrats on Prada!

  3. i didn't know that you had this blog! thanks for telling me! i would've had some witty response (ok really, i'm never that witty but i try! haha) but i think it's awesome you're doing this! i really like the idea of setting goals at the end of each post (i read your entries backwards). i have faith that whatever you work hard to do you can do...just gotta get out there so good for you! : ) love you!!

  4. and sorry it signed it as thon...i don't know why it did that!

  5. she was one of my favourits,an was a great singer and beautiful voice also. she moves to all people easily with friendly. your blogs working a great work.


  6. Good luck, I love the title of your blog! Can't wait to read a lot of interesting posts!
    Oh, and thanks to Sophia for sharing this great movie site!